Smo services

SMM (Social Media Management)

The social media platform engages and analyses with social media mentions.We at ‘The Marketer‘ gather information about your brand, products and suggest strategies from the viewpoint of a customer or a user.We use advanced analytics to route social messages to the right people. We assist your company to monitor conversations happening about your business, trends,that would provide you to have insights into the history of customer engagement. We help you to find trends in consumer issues to proactively address, and perhaps eliminate, in the future.

We strongly believe that the best organization need some kind of a social media management tool that will not only support your social marketing efforts but also ensures no customer is left behind.

Most social media management teams have trouble tying ROI to social media. With ‘The Marketer‘ you’ll have the insights to make strategic business decisions.We understand that your business team will have access to a wealth of insights from customers at some of their most crucial touch points. With this information at the ready, Your team will be able to have a keen understanding of what customers are looking for—valuable information that your business should be using to fuel innovation and strategic direction. Accessing and sharing this information between your social media management team implies you’ll be able to tie ROI to your social media management efforts by tracking the customer’s journey from social media to sale acquisition.
• Listening on any social platform, so you never miss a conversation.
• Visual listening (that is, spotting your products and brands in pictures posted to social media).
• Detailed case management, including routing, work queues, team management and advanced warning before topics go viral.
• Making sure your social media management team is up to any size task and outfitted with the right tool has never been easier.


We are driven towards implementing a correct social media strategy to help your business accomplish their goals. The Marketer functions as a ‘A full-time professional social media manager‘ and works on your business social media channels.Constantly working on your social media channels we ensure that the content quality is high and grows with targeted followers.

SMO Process

Facebook Management

After evaluation of your Facebook Business page & target audience, we will redefine your business page to represent your brand to your potential customers.’The Marketer’ adds on a regular basis the posts customized for your target audience to keep them engaged.

Instagram Management

Instagram is an important social media platform, we will help your business build and post high-quality images create engagement from target users across the platform. This will help you to build a strong brand visibility and engagement of your business with users.

YouTube Management

YouTube , the center for most of the video content available on web has a strong video presence on this channel and will help you to provide your brand a greater visibility and awareness. We will help you to optimize the videos for search engines to bring in more viewers to your content.

Twitter Management

Twitter is a popular social media platform among the tech-savvy crowd that will allow you to connect with customers directly. We will help you to use this platform to have the one on one interaction with the user and as well as a common platform to post important updates that will be faster way to connect with all your users.

We help you make Social media management becomes manageable.

In a world of competition the importance of social media to provide the much needed edge can’t be undermined.Social media management has become an integral part of any business growth owing to the host of the benefits it enjoys.
The benefits of leveraging your social media channels for effective result include:
i) Helps to build customer loyalty which in turn in leads to repeat consumers thus enhancing your brand and business image.
ii) Reach the larger target audience through connection with key decision makers and the leaders of the community.
iii) Instant validation to showcase trustworthiness.
iv) Also helps to enhance your mobile search ranking,generate more avenues by getting the business connected to more customers and better leads
v) Instant feedback on promotions and improve your real time social media campaigns
Connecting through users and corresponding feedback can get your campaign good standing.
vi) Find add hire new talent to your team
Connecting to individuals sharing the same scope and vision can help to grow your business by leaps and bounds

THE MARKETER – Role as a Social Media Professional

Our team can guide and educate you the various ways to manage your business social media profiles.We can work with you in tandem to manage all your social media profiles and content writers can come up with effective posts and response to enquiries.
We strongly believe that another cause of social media not yielding the desired results can be that the businesses spend the entire time on creation of profiles on all the platforms. Finding the platform most suited to address your requirements we create an effective strategy showcasing your business in the best light possible.
We believe in providing quality services backed by analytical review of the result it yields. Social Media Management is the act of monitoring and participating in social conversations across platforms.Creation and management of top-performing social media campaigns for businesses has been our forte and our company manages social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Instagram on your behalf. Use of effective and relevant social media marketing services is what we use in order to propel your business to meet new goals.


The Marketer lays down the Social Media Strategy which is different for each clients taking care of his needs in the best possible way.The services we provide are :

i) Content Creation : Original, shareworthy and likeable – This is what success for content on social media is. We create highly engaging and channel-suitable content that your potential audience would relate to, consume and want to share. This includes videos, photos, contests, bite-sized content, et al curated especially for you, to give your brand a distinct identity.
ii) Content Promotion : We are an experienced social media agency that takes care of end-to-end promotions. We take care of the following :
a) Budget planning
b) Segmentation of audience
c) Targeting basis your marketing objective
d) Optimizing the campaigns

iii) Social Engagement : We believe that the strategy should be social media specific and varies with different one ( Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc.)

From being prompt and responsive on Twitter to being inspirational and engaging on Instagram and Facebook, from being fun on Snapchat to being formal on LinkedIn, we provide customized solutions for different platforms when it comes to social media advertising in Delhi. Executing them effectively and creatively, in a way that it engages your audience and urges them to stay connected, is what our in-house experts bring to the table.

iv) Social Media Monitoring & Reporting : It becomes extremely important to know what people are saying about you in the online world, the macro trends, the opinions that matter and most importantly how to respond on social media as per the need of the hour?

We use the best-in-industry social listening tools, to provide answers to all of these questions for your brand. Not only do we keep you ahead of the market but suggest strategies that keep you a step ahead in the online world and for the ever changing horizons. Our data acquisition and management practices, along with an analytical expertise, help us plan your campaigns and get you the best ROI.