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Enhancing the online visibility of a website or a webpage in the search engine unpaid search also referred to as “the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—”Natural”, “Organic”, or “Earned” results. The higher ranked sites on the SERP or the higher frequency a website appears in the search results, the more visitors it will receive thus most likely to boost the company’s ROI.
In General, the website ranking is affected by the following 3 Factors:
Each factor consists of subgroups listing one or more individual SEO factors on the basis of importance or significance. It should be however noted that these SEO factors work in combination and in no way an individual factor would guarantee the search rankings.’The Marketer‘ focuses on your niche and plan the strategy by conducting the ‘SWOT ANALYSIS’ thus yielding you the best-optimized solutions. From having a great ‘HTML Title’ to the creation of ‘High-Quality Links’ our experienced team can bring to the table several positive factors thus increasing your chances of success in addition to the elimination of the negative ranking affecting factors. The Marketer offers the users enhanced service information marked by ease of access. Our commitment towards continuous improvement of the client’s website optimally as per his needs.



On Page SEO plays an extremely critical step in the determination of the quality of the website. It is basically the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher in the search engines. The main factors involved in On-page SEO are mainly content and HTML source code. Some of the other ON PAGE factors playing a key role in the rankings are a selection of the Target Keyword. Some of the companies fail to target the correct Keyword which plays a role in bringing traffic to your site and also helps you manage an edge over your competing peers. Another ON Page Factor is the site speed. It is an established fact that the User experience affects SEO, Paid Search, and Paid Social, which makes the site speed a critical factor for its direct role involved. Bounce Rate is largely dependent on the site speed as low speed is the reason why the users bounce off the sites.

Here we discuss briefly the leading ON PAGE techniques that one can use for ranking higher. In fact, these techniques are known to bring the user higher rankings and are backed by sufficient DATA.


The user experience is the most important factor as it evaluates the site from an end user’s perspective. It, in fact, is the summary of all the other ON PAGE factors rolled into one. The search engine Google rolls out the best results based on a search query. Though it is not the only factor taken into consideration by a search engine and also taken into account are factors like Keywords, links and site structure. The search engines use a number of factors to determine the acceptability of the site and the user experience and UI are to a large extent indirectly related to the quality of the site. In other words from the end user’s perspective, one doesn’t like to be associated with a cluttered site. Such a site can lead to an increase in bounce rates. Great care should be taken in planning a thoughtful, empathetic user experience which triggers a positive perception, sharing, return visits and inbound links to the search engines resulting in higher rankings. Aside from the content itself, the user interface, or the way the page looks, can have a significant impact on how people interact with your site. Some of the tips that can enhance the user experience are:
-Visual Readability
-Include Table of Contents for long contents
-Include Interactive feature like Video, Polls or even a slide Deck to enhance the User Experience


One of another important ranking factors is Page Speed. Introduced by Google in 2010 a new signal in the search ranking Algorithm, the Page Speed is extremely critical as a ranking factor for indexing. Subsequently, in the year 2017, Google cited Page Speed as an important factor in mobile ranking by incorporating sites on ts “Mobile-First ” pages. Another project targeting the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is gaining prominence owing to the increase in mobile users. Mobile Pages Project (AMP) – a project aims to make pages load more quickly on mobile devices.

Importance of Page speed can in no way be ignored because it is important to users. The importance of speed illustrated by the following:
1. Faster pages are more efficient. Per a recent Kissmetrics infographic, if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, over a quarter of users will click away.
2. Mobile users expect speed, too. In the same survey, 73% of users reported visiting a website that loaded too slow.
3. Page speed also affects the conversion rate.


Page Title holds extreme importance from the SEO perspective. It is a known fact that the search engine checks the Page Title, descriptions, headings and the content in totality to determine the quality of the page. Also it monitors the target keyword and its incorporation in the Title and Description, the frequency of using and even the place where it is used. All this done to understand the relevancy of the page and in combination with Off Page SEO, the ranking is done in the position.


Optimization activities carried out of the boundaries of the website are referred to as Off Page SEO. Some of the popular SEO Techniques are :

Links Building : In order to get the most out of Links, one is advised to build and chase quality links. Build and chase quality links. According to the SEO terms glossary “NoFollow is an attribute webmaster can use when linking to a website that tells search engines to essentially ignore the link. “Social networks are notorious for using nofollow links when linking to external websites. Links without the nofollow attribute are referred to as DoFollow”. The impact of the ‘NO FOLLOW’ links on the website holds crucial importance. Even though the content holds utmost importance the link building is considered no less either.
Sometimes, people are so desperate to gather links that they start playing with fire and perform the following: forum signatures, enrol your website in content directories, link exchange schemes, link networks, blog directories, comment link (a.k.a. comment signature), article directories, and so on.

“The Marketer” provides the customers with the best practices of link building. Some of the practices include Guest Blogging which involves articles on selected topics taking care of following the white hat practices and avoiding spam material.
Link building should be about quality, not quantity. Many digital marketers or businesses tend to forget that. Go for the high-quality links. But don’t let this stop you from linking to and getting links from smaller or younger brands and professionals, as long as the domains are good and are related to your niche. They have to meet the further requirements: quality, proper text and keywords, inbound numbers, and others I’ve already mentioned before. In the end, you should have the best of both worlds. And you should target it, even when you think your business is in a boring niche and there’s not much you can do.
Some of the apprehensions that most Digital Marketers developed after the release of Panda and Penguin regarding linking to websites. The fear of their being penalized is unjustified. Google has always promoted Good Quality backlinks with great Relevancy. By linking to these one increases the TRUSTWORTHINESS and is eventually good for SEO.

By linking to other high-quality related websites, you increase the trustworthiness of your content and this is good for SEO.

Also, Google can use external links as a way to understand more about the topic’s you are covering in your content.

Social Media Power : In today’s world of connectivity, social media has played an important role in spreading a word across. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram being buzzwords of the day has been so successful and strong in their entire existence. With providing them of constant engagement tools and keep them active, inspired and geared up they sure know the game of connecting with people through most of the times virtually. Online marketers are trying to seize every opportunity in these social platforms which act as the best platform for brand advocacy and promo. Winning your social audience can ensure that you surely rank high on google.