People browse search engines through the keywords which are a description of the product. In other words, the keywords are the indicators of what our product or service is all about. As was the practice prevalent before, the people would use the keyword over and over again to make the search engine ensure of its relevancy. The practice was short lived and the marketers using the strategy found themselves without any traffic.

Top SEO Rules that every Digital Marketer should follow:

Follow Google’s On-Site Optimization Guidelines

To ensure that every digital marketer makes the best use of SEO, one should keep a close eye on the ever-updating of the Google practices. Though minor it can make a huge difference in making stay ahead of the competition and be ranked high in the search engine result pages(SERP)
Google is constantly updating its best practices, so make sure you stay up to date. Most changes are minor, but one needs to stay updated nevertheless. For any changes or updates, one needs a constant update (

1.Keyword Stuffing

Though initially followed by most marketers to use the keywords over and over again making the search engine believe of its relevancy and rank higher in the SERP’s.Not anymore these days as with search engine guidelines, it tends to dilute ranking signals. Also, another ranking factor is the time the visitor spends on your website. The relevancy is directly related to the visitor’s time spent o the site. The longer someone is on your website, the more Google feels it is relevant. Stuffing the site with keywords makes the user turn away from the site. The bounce rate is a major factor that decides the low ranking of the site. For this reason, it is advised to use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords in your content. Simply create content with a few keywords you want to rank for, but use them sparingly (2 to 3 times for a 500-800 word article). Then use LSI keywords through the article to supplement the main ones.The keyword stuffing can turn out to be a damaging factor in the eyes of search engine.

2. Don’t Compete for Crowded Keywords

It is always advised to follow the practice of using normal keyword research keeping in mind that using the most relevant keyword isn’t always the best strategy, especially when a larger group of people are already using the keyword. Thus it is always suggested to seek for similar or unique keywords having greater relevancy but fewer people using them. Focussing on such keywords would enable you to rank higher with not as much effort.Setting your keywords and synonyms in a way that should allow your writers to create content that sounds natural to the reader. In case you still need to use keywords,use them as keyword synonyms. To attempt competing for crowded keywords it is recommended that we can build content that rank high on keywords and then build on it to make it better.

3. A great SEO strategy always is centred generating unique content

Effective SEO strategy doesn’t make any sense unless complemented with it centred on content. Ensure that your content is useful and well-written is just as important as the SEO strategy you design for it.


If your content isn’t unique, few people will read it. Fewer views lead to fewer ranking signals . Unique means more than just “quality.”

Don’t Use Low-Quality Links

Quality external links play a critical role in the creation of quality content.Most webmasters completely forget the significance of external links.It is important that linking should be done in a strategic way or it can backfire on your objectives to be achieved. Broken links lead to an increase in bounce rate and more frustrated customers. Some of the key points that are critical from the business perspective are:

i) Update your site regularly
ii)Choose links that are relevant, impactful, and from sites that have been around a while.

These are some of the factors that can make your business rank higher on the SERP

4. Site Speed

It is one of the most critical factors from the SEO perspective.It is a common scenario that mobile searches are increases and site speed is extremely critical in the mobile world. With this seen as the need of the future Google launched the AMP. One should take care of the following points :
a.) Ensure it’s quick and responsive.
b.) Check the functionality of your site on a regular basis. If you notice site speed slowing down, it’s time to find out why. Use a tool like Pingdom to analyze your load time and find any bottlenecks in the process.

Following the above strategies can really help their businesses to rank higher on the search engine.