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PPC Management

Hailed as one of the quickest ways to generate new customers, It helps the organization boost their ROI. We, at ‘The Marketer‘ can assist you to plan, execute and above else optimize your PPC strategy. From goal setting to building of a campaign, structuring, and optimization we can assist you to run the most profitable PPC campaigns in absolutely no time. We offer the most competitive rates in the market and can help you achieve your goals in the most effective way.
PPC management is a critical factor for any savvy ROI focussed marketer.’The Marketer‘ oversees your company’s entire budget and Ad strategy. Our in-house team of expert marketers with experience of having handled myriad projects successfully provide 360-degree solutions to the bottlenecks faced in their company.


‘The Marketer ‘ takes care of all your PPC needs in the most optimized way:

KEYWORD RESEARCH : Keyword Research is an integral part of the PPC or effective paid search marketing. The competitive edge the PPC search marketing provides is manifold. The customers seeking the products or services get in touch with the sellers offering them at the right stage and time. Daily search is ongoing and the engine is thronged with numerous searches on various topics. The marketer needs to offer the best answers to customer queries and the foremost step is to ensure that the right answers are provided to the right queries. So the prime question is “How does the customer find you”? The answer to this question is “The marketer needs to assist customers to find him.”Getting the ads in front of the right people based on what the customers are actually looking for in a product you are offering or promoting.

PPC MONITORING : Any campaign is not worthy if it is not measurable for its effectiveness. We provide you with metrics for each of your campaign and keyword effectiveness. The bottom line of our company is your enhanced positive ROI.

COMPETITION ANALYSIS : We are not only an agency that provides you with solutions with a cost but as a value addition for we take into consideration what the competition is doing and the keywords targeted.

CAMPAIGN OPTIMIZATION : ‘The Marketer‘ takes into consideration the top performing keywords rather than wasting the company’s resources on trivial criteria. We help you build a campaign structure and optimizing it based on top performing keywords. For example, if 10% of keywords bring in the majority of business, you may want to focus your budget on those keywords to boost ROI.

SPLIT TESTING : Constant A/B testing of new ads and landing pages. Regular experiments across the entire PPC funnel.We like to introduce ourselves as a 360-degree solution provider of Digital Marketing. Whether you are a novice in the PPC or lack resources to hire a PPC expert, we are an answer to all your questions. Not every organization has the resources to hire an in-house PPC manager. Therefore it may make more sense to hire an agency — especially if you’re new to the world of PPC (and media buying in general) or lack in-house resources to take care of it yourself.

PPC Process


‘The Marketer’ is here to address your PPC needs and help your company achieve your targets. We act as a consultant in making you aware of your true metrics and subsequently use them as a basis for the success of your PPC efforts. One should understand in depth the relationship between each of the metrics. One misconception that most of the people have is that PPC campaigns yield instant results. It is important to be practical and reasonable with your expectations and to expect a 1000% ROI right out the gate is unrealistic.
Some of the goals that our team can help you achieve are:
a)Increasing the number of purchases: The main goal of a digital products e-commerce store is to get as many online website visitors for purchase.
b)Generating more Leads: In the event, you are offering B2B professional services the generation of leads is your top priority. The target of this form of the campaign is to convert the visitors to leads to eventual sales.
c)Brand awareness: Anyone who is new to the business but wants to stay on the top, PPC is the answer to that. Of course, this should always be a by-product and not the goal itself, as a brand building doesn’t always lead directly to a positive ROI.

PPC process is a paid strategy ensured to benefit your business if followed in the correct manner. However, it should be ensured that the resources are used meticulously otherwise they get exhausted. Following the initial setup, we can not only help you optimize your campaign but structure it to yield you the returns you are seeking. Some of the important things to be considered are the following:

1.Keywords: We suggest the best strategy on the basis of understanding your business model. Once campaigns have been on the roll for some time we can create the best performing keywords targeted ad groups for your campaigns. This provides a huge boost on your PPC marketing funnel.
2. Campaigns: Create a campaign for specific areas of your product or service. For example, you could have one for branded terms, several for your various products categories and another for competitor terms.
3. Ad Groups: Below the campaign level, ad groups help you to group ads together. This is designed to manage which ads will be served with which keywords. This is done in the case of a specific product category.
4. Ad Copy: We assist your ad copy in optimizing to attract the users searching for your target keyword. One is expected to include the keyword in the headline and including copywriting elements such as benefits, social proof and urgency to get them to take action.
5. Ad Extensions: We help business take up more SERP by using Ad Extensions. The chances of increasing the ads Quality Score and appeal of the ad through the inclusion of extensions on the basis of location, call and site assist in a boost of your revenue.
6. Landing Pages: We assist you in the creation of targeted landing pages for all of your campaigns. This is important, as it bridges the gap between the searcher’s query and the conversion. By addressing the specific needs of the searcher (which means understanding their intent), you’re more likely to build trust and convert them to customers.
7. Analytics: Our USP is transparency and we believe that every stage of your PPC funnel must be measured. This allows you to see which keywords, ads and landing pages are working. And when you know what works, you can re-allocate your budget to those areas and supercharge your ROI.