The Marketer‘ aims at leveraging on modern technology to carry out marketing goods or services, generating website traffic or attention through the social media., all of which is done through the creation of an acceptional quality content .

Business Overview

Digital marketing can be defined as the process leveraging on modern digital technology to market goods or services. Another important objective that it targets is the process of pulling website traffic or attention through various platforms and enables the readers to get interested in the content and enables them to share across their social network platforms. We consider yourself as a Digital marketing company with a 360-degree scope and provide the customer with the optimized result driven solutions on platforms such as ads, smartphones or any other digital media. Some of the activities carried out by us are:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

i.) Content marketing
ii.) Influencer marketing
iii.) Campaign marketing
iv.) E-commerce marketing
v.) Social media marketing
vi.) Display advertising

These activities are also extended to digital media, such as mobile phones (SMS and MMS), callback etc.


We create advertising campaigns and advertise across digital media outlets. We provide in-house services on myriad topics like creative services, account management, production of advertising material, and media planning and buying.
As compared to the traditional medium which is expensive to start with, we provide cost-effective solutions through the use of latest technology and social media platforms like and also platforms Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram, enabling it to reach a much wider niche. Besides we devise a strategy to promote your business to services and products the world over not only from a selling perspective but also as a form of engagement. This enables the business to extend their reach across borders with minimum investment.

Digital Marketing Agency Business Plan – MARKET ANALYSIS

With the increase in the use of gadgets like smartphones and Tablets, they are becoming an important source of traffic. Our services are supported by data through which we devise the best brand awareness strategy across multiple platforms. Technology has led us to use new advertising tools, gadgets and software that evaluate the customer demographics and behaviour are developed.
The Marketer‘ pays importance in the competition in the digital market is characterized by the continuous evolution of technology.
Another important factor worthy of mentioning here is that with the target market ever expanding, we assist the businesses to not only develop an official website but also help them to engage in branding or packaging their products and services or in helping them directly sell their products and services to their targeted market


Our operational model consists of 3 steps:

Phase I – Ideation or Understanding the Customer’s requirements

Our experienced team of professionals adept in their field know from your business perspective what to focus on. With an objective of understanding your business requirements, the team gets a detailed overview and discussion on the product, its salient features and the target audience. Following a series of meetings on how to present the most optimal solution that is aimed at generating revenue. Following your nod, we would go ahead and propose the best strategy.
Most of the small and medium businesses cannot hire experts in all subjects. Our diverse team include employees from various disciplines involving speciality skills. We have extremely talented expert writers, designers, web developers and state of the art marketing strategists which are essential for access to the skills at the competitive price.

Opens new opportunities

‘The Marketer’ works with the clients to create possible opportunities and enable them to take on successfully challenging assignments across industries. We make the business evaluate the risks involved and whether they are worth taking by calculating the profits involved can take calculated risks, work with clients we truly want and partner with suppliers we know will deliver. Also, we are here to answer your needs around the clock and with us, your business gets the commitment of our entire team that will consult with you from time to time and become an extension of your company. We provide you with complete detail as to what works and what doesn’t.’The Marketer’ diverse team has a wide experience in handling numerous projects of clients and having tested various ideas which go into devising a suitable marketing strategy.
Also, it is quite imperative that in your daily activities in the business one can miss the customer’s insight. We help you balance your ideas with that of a client.

Phase II – Implementation or reaching your target audience

Leveraging the social and content marketing channels to reach the target audience is the ultimate goal of any business. It doesn’t only end here but extends further in being able to convince and convert themHow do you plan to convince and convert them. With us following the best business practices and years of experience working with our clients and testing the different ideas and evaluation for their success. Listing out the important and critical factors along with a combination of ad factors that shall propel your growth. With mutual consent, we are set to implement it. Once the strategy is approved, they get down to implement it. We monitor and test your business and optimize the campaigns with simultaneously refining the strategy. And the cycle repeats. With all these efforts we help your business get better with time it brings the cost per conversion. We help your business find an answer to the following questions like:

Where should we start and what do we prioritize?

We help you in laying across a business plan focussed on your company’s objectives, budget constraints and marketing strategies. Our successful results have enabled us to enjoy a long-lasting association with our clients, with they keep coming back to us time and again.
Some of the other activities that we do on your behalf are the following:

a.) Brand Management

Branding can help your business reach great heights. Not only shall it lead to an increase in the reach but can elevate the company’s legitimacy and ease of customer’s acquisition. With an ample amount of creative and design resources at our disposal, we can help you build a spectacular brand.

b.) Campaign Management

We take the responsibilities of external marketing and relieves you of requiring much lesser management. After reviewing your business in terms of salient features and a clear roadmap we commit ourselves to execute the most profitable campaign ideas besides handling day to day work. We also relieve your employees from the monitoring of the campaigns as we understand that there are other critical activities from the business point of view.

c.) Constant Analysis

Every strategy needs to be analysed on a regular basis to evaluate what is working and what is not.iIt being a time-consuming process with it requiring a significant investment on time, energy and financial resources, and thus every Marketing asset needs to be tested carefully. We ensure that your business doesn’t miss out on any opportunity to do better and for less cost. We use multiple tools to get you the best results at the micro level. Our team’s apt knowledge and ability to evaluate multiple campaigns by utilizing endless metrics is the reason we produce such remarkable results.

Phase III – Interaction

The marketing campaigns interact with the audience and the way they do is an indicator of your business growth. We aim to build campaigns for your business that have chances to go viral and one needs creativity for designing ads that resonate with the campaigns. We have an army of exceptional content writers, designers, photographers, videographers, directors, audio engineers etc. with special skills set needed to create such viral campaigns. Some of the advantages associated with a successful campaign are:
a.) Bring you a lot more than mere leads and revenue.
b.) Strengthen your brand and make customer acquisition so much easier and cheaper

A single campaign/blog/ video post that goes viral can literally change the course of action of your business. With a commitment to providing the Digital Marketing review of your business and a clear accountability structure to ensure timely execution. A single point of contact is assigned to your business who can coordinate with you to get your objectives achieved. We can help you save a countless number of hours and effort you would have otherwise spent in bringing together the right expertise for each job.