Top Parameters to Evaluate a Digital Marketing Agency

The criteria for shortlisting a digital marketing company are not a simple process. With endless options available, shortlisting a single option can turn out to be pretty daunting. With every company boasting of their profile, one needs to come out with a set of parameters that enable to select a reliable digital marketing agency.

The various factors, which a digital marketing agency is selected, are enumerated below:

1. Online Visibility
2. Substance
3. Targeted results
4. Value-based
5. Expertise
6. Effective Communication
7. Problem-solving skills

1. Online Visibility : It is a proven fact that 91% of the individuals do not click past the first page of the search engine results. A digital marketing agency, which doesn’t, has its presence on the front page of Google, doesn’t stand any chance of being shortlisted. It is often said that actions speak louder than words. Thus any digital marketing agency that can’t rank itself on the first page of the search engine, the creditability of the agency is definitely doubtful. On the other hand, the company who appears on the front page of the search engine, there are chances that they are experienced about their domain.

2. Substance : The marketing agency should be committed to bringing substance. The digital marketing company boasting of their credibility on the basis of experience is not as reliable who has proven results based on the substance. For instance, a choice between the companies having expensive experience should not be given precedence over the company whose clients experience a growth rate of more than 20% per year. Considering the two scenarios the second description is better in that they inform the potential candidates how that can be helpful for the clients. Whatever the case quality triumphs over quantity.

3.Targeted Results : The digital marketing agency is judged through their ability to produce results. This, in fact, is the most helpful way to judge a digital marketing agency. The credibility of a marketing agency is dependent on previous success stories. For instance, if they advertise themselves to be experts in web designing, they should have credentials to prove it. Some of the methods in which results can be verified are grammatical errors, poor copywriting, as these can turn out to be detrimental factors for the company. Some of the factors to be considered favouring the marketing agency are:

•Social Media: Reviews, Testimonials and Social Media Accounts.
•Case studies: Number of Case studies proves an agency’s credibility
•Awards: Awards aren’t as important as the other categories but can still indicate credibility.

4.Value-Based : The digital marketing company that you aspire to take services from should add value to your company’s profile. The result by the given by the agency should be in sync with the value of your organization. Malpractices in false advertising lead to the reflection of lack of transparency, honesty and integrity. Partnering with an agency that shares your values will produce high-quality campaigns that strengthen your brand image.

5.Expertise : The agencies might assign the task of the company to the in-house team or can outsource the task to various resources. These resources are well versed in myriad areas like research, website design, graphic design, and copywriting. There are some of the advantages with either of the two forms of resources mainly the Inhouse as well as the Outsourcing. While the In-house work is more expensive and requires less flow f information, the outsource task, on the other hand, is expected to provide the information to the agency from time to time.

6.Effective Communication : One of the most integral components of a digital marketing agency is to understand a client’s business. Although more than 90% of the digital marketing agencies understand their client’s business, yet only a few of them actually follow. In order to understand the detailed view of the client’s business, it is highly imperative for the marketing agency to maintain healthy communication with the organization. The plan may have occasional changes and it is highly imperative that the agency’s representatives are effectively kept in the loop through effective communication. Better communication means expectations are clear, a workflow is optimized, and results are authoritative.

7. Problem Solving : Most of the digital marketing agencies are required to possess strong marketing skills. One should join hands with a marketing agency who has creative abilities and capacity to solve problems. Digital marketing companies should have the ability to come up with creative ideas. If they can’t overcome complications then they’ll become one for you. These seven factors would go a long way in the choice of an ideal company suiting your business and shares the same mission and objectives.

Important Criteria to connect with customers digitally

There are advancements in the technology sector that gives the owners ways to connect with potential customers digitally. Some of the strategies that the digital marketing agencies employ to help the businesses are Email Campaigns, Banner Advertising, Video Marketing, Blogging, Mobile marketing, and Social Media Marketing, The blog covers in detail several factors while enhancing the digital marketing strategy.

Target Market : Deciding on the selection of the target market is one of the most critical steps to attract customers and enhance sales. It is highly important to understand how your customers use digital marketing to get information about products, services or business related topics. Also, digital marketing efforts must include languages and images centred towards the target market. It is extremely essential that the resources and efforts should be directed towards the requirements of the target market, the failure to do so might land you in significant losses.

Budget : The budget of the company is an important factor in determining the strategy of the business. Whatever may be the nature of the business, it is highly imperative that cost is a determining factor in deciding the type of campaign being planned. The businesses with moderate budgets either might skip the digital strategies all together or the low budget might enable them to get involved in Low-cost digital marketing options such as the creation of a social media presence, blogging or creating marketing videos using your computer and web camera. The large companies might like to venture with options such as microsites, PPC ad campaigns and short message services as they have large budgets to spend. It should always be kept in mind that the budget is always a limiting factor in deciding a company’s strategy on overall expenditure.

Talent : Before implementing the digital strategy of the business, it is important to have an understanding of the skillset of the employees of the companies. One should understand that the talent pool in the domain of digital marketing is in sync with the mission and objective of the company. One should understand the options available, the implementation of the digital marketing ideas and eventually criteria to measure the result. Either your team or a marketing agency specializing in digital media services should be capable of accomplishing the final goal.

Technology : Technology malfunctions ranging from longer upload times, breaking down of server resulting in non-loading of banner advertisements and websites, can result in huge losses to the business and can play a major role in the success of a company’s digital marketing strategy. Frequent issues with marketing campaigns may compel the company to use them less often or eliminate them from their company’s strategic plan. Besides the company has to invest in equipment and services to supplement their marketing campaigns. Beyond technical difficulties, companies often have to invest in equipment and services to implement their digital marketing campaigns. Some of the types of equipment that might be helpful in digital marketing are the Camcorder, Smartphones and Digital Camera

Time : Digital marketing is in the stages of development, although a lot has been said and advertised. There are many nitty-gritty aspects of digital marketing such as planning, implementation and monitoring of the strategies which are a function of time, with which the small business owners who aren’t well-versed. However, the most important aspect of the digital marketing strategy is regular monitoring of what is working and what needs to be altered.