The Marketer‘ caters to the diverse digital marketing focussed needs of organisations in the EDUCATION, STARTUPS and POLITICAL to name a few. Our team of individuals having hands-on inexperience in providing strategic solutions thus leading them to increase their ROI. In a competitive world every business(Existing or Startup) is vying for a spot on the first page of the search engine as it is an established fact that 90% of the searches that materialise into sales happen on the front page. The importance of having a mentor who could propel your business to heights are manifold and it is not a requirement of only a few but has become the need of the day.


The Marketer provides customised end-to-end digital marketing solutions for Institutions such as schools, colleges, coaching institutes, schools,coaching centres and universities to achieve the goals concern you the most.Our education focussed arm “know your Tutor ” has bridged the gap by bringing the Tutors and the students. Whether looking for tuitions ranging from Elementary to High school or searching for coaching institutes providing targeted teaching for Banking,Civil Services, Engineering or Medical Entrance examination we are here to make your search simpler.
Also, our Marketing staff tends to take the time to understand your business and build a technique to accomplish your business objectives. By operating in partnership we are able to assist you accelerate growth online and increase your digital marketing returns. Our exclusive higher education marketing plan and strategy will attract more students attention which will ensure admission flow as per your requirements.
Digital Marketing currently provides a comprehensive suite of services to make sure that our digital marketing achieves your business goals and drives your results to new heights. And with any services within which we tend to have interaction, we tend to forever infuse the initiatives with strategic thinking. As a result of the incorrect strategy, you’re certain to be annoyed with the outcomes regardless of what you’re doing. And with the proper strategy, actually superb things begin to happen.
Skilled SEO services will raise your web site on top of your competitors. Our SEO consultants can assist the business owners to deliver their sites to prime rank search engines.
Pay Per Click (PPC) could be a form of sponsored online advertising that’s used on a good variety of websites, together with the search engines. We can help you connect with your target audience through the best available social media strategies informing you from time to time the changing behaviours.


So should the startups really require a Digital Marketing Agency


The very desire “WE NEED TO ESCALATE OUR BUSINESS REACH” especially on social media is o the minds of a startup owner. With the majority of businesses going online to have a competitive edge over others, a startup owner cannot afford not to be on social media in spite of the cost constraints they initially face.

With a broad range of expertise or experts can guide you to build a unique COMPANY’s PROFILE, CONNECT YOU WITH BLOGGERS AND INFLUENCERS and HELP YOU EXECUTE CREATIVE CAMPAIGNS. Unlike other Digital marketing companies, we provide services as per their budget and strive to monitor the progress around the clock. We have accomplished successful projects for major players and have addressed the key requirements as per their NICHE and suggested optimised solutions.

1. Detailed understanding of the company’s goals and objectives to be achieved.
2. Evaluate the challenges faced and developing a strategic plan
3. Reach your target audience and the methods to convert them into potential customers.
4. Helping you find sources where the potentials initiate their search.
5. Provide optimised solutions within your budget to get you higher ROI


With the elections days at an arm’s length, the political parties are gearing to connect with the prospective voters through myriad digital marketing channels. With our targeted approach, we can make it extremely easier to reach the targeted audience at the fraction of the cost what it would have otherwise been for traditional marketing. Our team utilizes the data available and puts it to effective use by the targeted audience focussed strategy. Some of the key elements for a successful political campaign where ‘THE MARKETER‘ can contribute in the execution of a few MUST DO marketing strategies suggestion of effective digital marketing channels.


Selection of a domain name is the first step that any political party needs to decide is to obtain a domain name for the campaign. We believe that a political party should buy the various domain names, taking care that they should be relatable to the office you are running for. There have been incidences when party candidates have used the relatable names to redirect the links to their respective sites, thus affecting the image of the political party. Though never anticipate that it should always happen, it is always a better option to safeguard oneself. The cost of the domain name is not much and it rather saves you from a host of hassles later on. Our team can assist you in the selection of the most appropriate domain name that can work in sync with your campaign and the party portfolio.


The logo is one of the other critical element of any digital marketing campaign in establishing yourself as a branded politician. The LOGO is a representation of the party’s belief’s and objectives and it shall be on campaign cards, door hangers, banners, signage, website and social media to name a few. We assist you in depicting statistical analysis through the use of infographics, which provides the competitive edge against your opponent. The method becomes effective in targeting the voters who are continuously ‘ON THE GO ‘ and have just minutes to glance at your message. Our core team comprising of Analysts and Designers who come up with the most creative logo ideas followed by discussions with your party for an effective result. The following points are critical in the design of a POLITICAL LOGO


We help your party to have a well designed and user-friendly website. Our team suggest you suitable and quality themes that are search engine friendly. It ensures that the user shall be able to locate your party easily on the search engine. WordPress is the most extensively used web design platform used by leading companies throughout the world. It not only helps your party to rank well but also makes it easily manageable. Your home page should be a representation of your principles and current issues you deem important and should incorporate everything that could enlighten the prospective voter about your strengths and vision. It should inseminate information on photos, videos, email signup form, donation button, volunteers, blog posts, and social media links and issues that you care about.
In a competitive world, the presence on social media is extremely crucial. We help you create a cost-effective strategy to attract the voters and create Facebook or Twitter. The quality of the posts should be to dissipate more information rather than asking their support and financial assistance to spearhead the marketing campaign. It might lead to the ultimate blocking or the user unfollowing you. There are various social media sites to chose from like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube to name a few and our staff can help you manage your social media needs. For small parties starting with the free version and going to more premium versions as the funds pour in is the ideal solution.

Email Marketing

Another great way to connect with voters. Our approach of the creation of the email list is to start with family members and build on your list followed by enabling the voters to sign up for your newsletters by having the form on your website, social media and QR code on your print materials. We provide you assistance with the generation of email list and design of newsletters using the latest techniques such as MailChimp.

Pay Per Click

Our skilled team is adept in utilizing your budget effectively to generate Pay per Click advertising on Google, Bing, YouTube videos, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram. Our skilled staff uses analytics data from the beginning of the campaign to target voters. We deal with your existing data in the most effective way. With the vast amount of data for the campaign. Our team can provide an insight into the data to make the necessary inferences about the target audiences and ways to reach them. We help you understand local audiences at a more refined level than what they could get from broad audience data, not just to target TV ads but also to inform other media channel spending.
Digital was a huge factor, but not a huge cost.
Even after your success we strongly recommend you to be active on the blog, email marketing and social media, especially if you plan to run for re-election. The advantage of having a streamlined, well planned digital campaign for your a political campaign will make things easy for you.