Our Approach

To help the company traverse from the "as is" to "to be" situation, our approach is based on a three step process; starting with "Marketing Research & Business Intelligence" which frames the basis of the "Marketing Strategy" and finally the "Marketing Implementation & Control".

  • Market Research & Business Intelligence

    Market Research is the key to understanding what consumers or organizations want, need or believes and is typically one of our first steps to help organizations develop their overall marketing, product, pricing and channel strategies.

    To help the companies make informed business decisions, we conduct primary and desk based research which includes:

    • Product Analysis
    • Customer Analysis
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Target Market Analysis

    Having analyzed the data gathered through the research & intelligence, we take the next step to dismantle the information which finally highlights the necessary business decisions. Considering the best practice of the industry aligned with the reports and analysis of the research, is the significant part of our intelligence service dealing.

  • Marketing Strategy Development

    Whether you're launching a new product or service, or implementing the annual marketing plan, your Marketing Strategy defines how you'll enter the marketplace. It includes targeting the idea for your decision makers, and the channels you'll use to reach them through. Developing a strategy for product launches requires you to obtain knowledge of the target customers, the channels to access their interest, the competitive environment, and knowledge of effective marketing and communication. The strategy should be driven by a set of goals which may include sales volume, trial and run, satisfaction metric, and adoption etc.

    Even skilled and experienced marketing managers often struggle to find the time to stop their day-to-day activity to develop a long-term marketing strategy. For us this is our daily job and we bring a breadth of experience and depth of understanding of the marketing disciplines required to achieve success. Our strategies are based on research and analysis which includes:

    • Strategic Objective Setting
    • Marketing Mix
    • Media Planning & Budgeting
    • Monitoring & Control Plan
  • Marketing Implementation & Control

    Ideas without action or implementation are just good ideas, so we make sure that the ideas happen, perform and act. As your marketing manager The Marketer oversees the implementation of the plan which includes guiding agencies and the in-house marketing team. Unlike traditional agencies, we stick around to oversee implementation, adjusting the plan to assure your success and address the following areas as a part of marketing implementation & control:

    • Campaign Management
    • Performance Management
    • Agency Liasioning
    • Reporting & Feedback

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